The Scrub Effect: A Colorful Lesson in Focus and Sensitivity

Kate Strachnyi
Jun 13, 2024


I stumbled upon this book yesterday at the library, “The Secret Language of Color” by Joann Eckstut and Arielle Eckstut.

It talks about how surgical scrubs evolved from white to blue-green. Initially, white scrubs made blood stains highly visible, creating a distracting and discomforting scene.

Prolonged exposure to red can desensitize our eyes, making it harder for surgeons to see crucial details during operations. Blue-green scrubs counteract this by neutralizing the red, turning it brown, and reducing visual strain. This allows surgeons to maintain focus and sensitivity.

In my book “Colorwise,” I delve into these principles, exploring how color affects our perception and efficiency in various fields.

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